Sunday, 19 June 2011


This is just a quick one.

If youve read previously... Im ill... To be specific (and make more sense) I have a ribcage inflammation. Horrid. So I am out of work.

However, To support my studies I do a bit of events management with a company called Met Parties, London.I tend to this through A LOT of advertising, but as I can barely walk I thought I would put the facebook page on here for anyone who wants to know anymore.

If youre making a little trip to London, or live there, or know anyone that does - Have a look as I post events and guestlists for nightclubs there :-) It is on a bit of lowdown at the minute, but once I am fully fit again it will be up and running properly :-)

Here is the page:

Feel free to add and ask any questions or send messages as you please :-)

Lots of love ladies, Chantelle X