Saturday, 23 July 2011

Day 2.

So sorry I've been M.I.A. I have only recently got an internet connection back! Back on form now though :-)

2. Your favourite pair of shoes.

This is SO hard, Shoes are my love! So much so, that I worked at Faith shoes (until it went into adminstration :-( boo!) and I spent almost all of my wage on shoes! Im a beach girl at heart, so I pretty much wear flip flops daily. But heels... and boots.... and wedges... galore!

I narrowed it down to 3 pairs (it was hard) and these are them! The pictures dont do justice as to how amazing they really are!

These are sooo beautiful! They arent a high heel, but they are beautiful for summer! Patent and nude and a gorgeous pom-pom type of thing at the ends! I loveeeeeeeee them!

There are no words, these are again from Faith. They are my ultimate black heel. The heels of the shoe are all diamond encrusted! & they have a gorgeous bow design on the front.

These are just fab! I got these in Australia at a Department Store called David Jones, and they only cost me about 10pounds in their sale! & they were in my size, I had the have them! I love the colour and they are so comfy!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 1.

Im going to give this 30 Day Challenge a go... so...

1. A photo of you taken today.

I gave up on the glasses, as they were costing me a fortune to keep replacing! The amount of times I sat on them, broke them, etc... Wasnt worth it. Ive settled on contacts. Theyre my exact colour blue, but they make me look a tad different? :/.... Hmmm. I will see how they do :-)


Monday, 4 July 2011


The sister has her eBay up and running. Shes selling some beauts at some bargain prices. Go over and check them out, even if just to look.

And if any of you have one of them 'tumblr' things, shes has one too at:

:-)! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Feeling Fit!

So down in the dumps has passed! I spent a lottttt of time on the internet! Bonus to this = I found my perfect dress. Bargain from Mango for £39!

Its a wrap around maxi dress in snake print. I am obsessed with animals and animal print of anything. I even had a ring on that was a wrap around snake. I am a little sad.
I wore it to a friends engagement party and the attention I got for it really lifted my spirits. Although, I went out thinking I looked one way, then looked on the pictures and I looked completely different - I hate that!

Ive also realised that I NEED to diet. All that time I was bedridden, I have clearly overeaten. My arms seem to be 298483 times bigger than they were 2 months ago! Any tips on how to do this?

Heres a few piccies in the beaut :)

And with little cutie Tab :)

Any American bloggers out there?

Ive seen a gorgeous makeup bag that I NEEEEEEEEED in my life, but its from Target and they dont ship to the UK.

Id happily do a swap if anyone is interested, or knows anyone whos looking? :-)

Here is the bag and price:

Thankyou! :-)