Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Foxy Lady.

Beautiful... Big... Bouncy...

is the hair that I love. And never achieve. If you'd seen my previous post you'd know that Fran Fine is my hair idol! But I have now found the answer!

So surely if youve been reading this blog, youve been reading others, and i'm thinking that means youve watched some youtube beauty gurus. If you havent watched this one, I suggest you do! - Foxylocks Extensions!

I have watched the beautiful Imogen on Foxy Locks for almost a year now, and being a poor student I was never able to treat myself to some of her gorgeous extensions.
Thank the lord for Valentines Day! I was too excited to get them in the post, I kept checking the status of delivery on them!
I finally got them - beautifully packaged (pink!), silky soft, long and fabulous extensions! 

Now - the thing I was worried about is whether they would match my hair, but the lovely Imogen has a facebook page where you can upload a picture of your hair and she will match you. Well - did she get the colour spot on, they were perfect! So professional! I got the deluxe set, which is more appropriate for people with thick hair. I got them in the Darkest Brown colour and I was due at the hairdressers in about a months time, and I wanted to wait until I had my hair all done to bust them out on a night out. The extensions are that amazing, you can cut, dye, curl, straighten, you name it! My hairdresser coloured them the same colour I had got my hair done. Now there is a lot of hair in these extensions (another amazing benefit) and she coloured all the pieces for £20! She then cut the two front pieces to mould around the front of my face. Voila!

I do apologise for this photo - but its the only one with my new short hair - boring and bland. And flat might I add.

I was planning on doing my hair with and without the extensions specifically for this post, but I thought it would be a better option to show the extensions in all their glory - a night on the town. Now this is the typical drunken picture taken in the "quick trip to the bathroom, touch up make-up, slur loving affection on your friends and pose for a picture" stage. So I was rather intoxicated. 5 hours in and they are glorious! I styled them with a Babyliss curling wand, as I did on my own hair and they blended so beautifully! Is it possible to be in love with them... ?!

I am on the right :-)

I have to say - watching Imogen on youtube and seeing all the lovely comments and feedback I was certainly not disappointed. Infact, I have never been more happier with my hair! I have had so many compliments and I, personally feel so much more glam and gorgeous when I have them in. I love big hair, and its amazing what just a few extensions can do for your confidence. I love them so much that ive become quite anal about them! My family laugh as I lay them out perfectly on my dressing table so not to ruin them. Foxy Locks do stock some beautiful storage cases, but as I said - Im a poor student at the moment!

Imogen has a beautiful youtube channel where she has lots of videos with different tutorials shown with the extensions, and also beauty and makeup videos. If you some spare time, do watch some, and like me you will find yourself glued!

I hope you all take a look and hopefully get to enjoy the beauty of the extensions just like I have :-) and also a big thankyou to Imogen - for knowing exactly what us ladies want! Gorgeous hair without having to re-mortgage our house!

(I will add some more pictures when my camera starts to work - I NEED to show how amazing they really are!)

Lots of love ladies, and Happy Hair Days!


  1. WHOA, your hair looks stunning!
    I really really really need to get those, i want big bouncy hair too. mines long, damaged and flat.

  2. your hair looks amazing!!!!!! wow! i always want more volume, so i should def try these! :)

  3. it does look natural! you're so pretty :)
    BTW, nice blog. Keep it up!
    Definitely going to follow you :)

    misskatv ✿

  4. i beed to get myself some new extentionsx

  5. You're really pretty, love the hair!