Thursday, 16 June 2011


So one of the reasons I got a blog (other than being able to read and interact with some lovely people) is the fact that ive been quite ill the past few weeks. So - I am bedridden. With no work, which is unfortunate, yet still people say it must be amazing. Its not. Daytime television is not what it used to be! There is no Art Attack on at 12.30, and there is no way i'd stomach getting up at 6am to watch Christine Bleakley.

So here I am. In bed, whilst I watch the world go by. I wish there was a job I was qualified to do from my laptop, but knowing my luck there probably never will be such a thing.

A positive to this situation! = Ive watched more Youtube and read more blogs than I probably would have done my entire lifespan. And I love that. I dont know where this has all come about from? Reading peoples blogs and watching their videos, but its a bandwagon I cant wait to get on.
I love listening to other peoples opinions, especially when they are honest. Its important us women back each other up, and help as much as we can with the state of the prices of some products. I, for one, have saved a fair amount of money watching reviews and hauls on products that initially appealed to me.

Its so lovely to be part of this world. And its making me being ill that little more bearable :-)

Chantelle X


  1. Thanks for following my blog! Looking forward to your upcoming posts! xx

    Hannah Elizabeth

  2. I totally agree with you being bedridden for ages so is not fun, hoping you get well super soon!