Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fran Fine - The Nanny.

When I was younger I lived in Australia, so the TV channels were always streamed from America. I got hooked on a show on FOX called "The Nanny". Honestly, i've seen every episode, know every plot line, every character and could possibly even play out a whole senario I was that obsessed with it.

My parents thought I was insane, the woman playing the main character had an incredibly nasal voice and was very loud. I just loved her, everything about her. Her hair, make up, clothes, shoes, her figure, her attitude. Just everything. I would definitely put her up there with some of my fashion influences and its so out of the ordinary. No one has ever really heard of the show, or her for that matter. But I just love every little thing. I cannot put my finger on it.
If anyone can - watch some of the episodes online. The story line is quite easy to follow. But her outfits... OH MY LORD... Her outfits! Her wardrobe is just INSANE! It is just fabulous, and very New York (where is it set)

I cant really say anymore - You would have to watch some episodes to understand where I am coming from. And I cannot, for the life of me, find any good images from the Internet to put on here.
Her big hair, and big make up is also something that just fascinates me. Her facial beauty is just mesmerizing. (well - to me anyway)
Now as I was growing up, I tried many many different hair styles and colours, but I always came back to being a brunette and having big curls. I think this is all because of her, as laughable as that may be! I have very thick, curly, crazy hair and I was never insecure about it because she made it look so beautiful. Obviously she had stylists and hairdressers to help with hers, But I absolutely love my hair being huge and im sure shes the one to blame! She wasnt afraid of anything and I think thats what I love about her. She wore outfits that were enticing, voluptuous and sexy. She was literally - A bombshell.

Ok - Quite a Lesbian rant over. (and if anyone can tell me where I can get it on boxset, I would be too happy for words) and if anyone else has seen it i'd love to know if you thought she was as amazing as I do :-)

Chantelle X

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