Monday, 27 June 2011

Beauty is everywhere...

I collect so many pictures and images of looks that I love. They can be anything from make up, hair, fashion, skin, the photograph - Anything. I thought I would share a few of these. And if anyone knows of anyone who has re-created any of the looks id love to know :-)

I believe these are Audrina from The Hills shoes. You cannot fathom how much I need these in my life. And look how lovely and tanned her legs are.

I have always loved Megan Fox, I constantly get told I look like her when I have dark hair, But I honestly do not see it. She is very skinny! But I adore her laidback style and the way she makes looking stunning to effortless. Her hair is gorgeous as well!

My dad sent me this years ago. I have always loved Art and ive been doing it since I was about 2. Always obsessed with Art Attack and went to a million and one Art camps. I do it now at university and its the most rewarding feeling being able to paint all day.

I have no idea where I found this, but I need it in my life!

This picture just calms me. The ocean is my favourite place to be in the world. Growing up around the sea, I was always obsessed with it and everything beneath it. I definitely need my own house soon! Just so I can create my own serenity.

Now this just makes me want to get a fringe, End!

My favourite lady. In all her curvacious glory.

How amazing does Cameron Diaz look here! So beautifully tanned and glowing. She suits dark hair so well!

Love this. My total signature look. Love green shadow and dewy skin.

My sister sent me this a few days ago - Saying that she was the perfect woman. I definitely dont think that, I think she needs a few cakes in her, but I think she is stunning beautiful and gorgeous in that outfit.

I dont think theres an explanation needed for this...

What a beauty. She wil always be my Cleopatra.

Again, Another from the Dad. I loved this so much, I printed it off, had it blown up and put it on my wall. I definitely believe this is the way forward! :-)

I adore the dark hair and red lips combo. This photo is so effortlessly sexy. I love this look.

The hair! The hair! The hair!


I come from a family of tattoo artists, and I have always loved tattoos (at the expense of my mother) But this is beautiful.

What an amazing bedroom. So calming.

I went to Thailand for my 21st. It was everything I expected. I went to THEE Beach from the film and I have never been more amazed in my life. Its sheer beauty.

Christina. What a babe.

I thought id add this in. Loved him since Donnie Darko - Now I end up with a boyfriend who looks quite like him. I think I got the better end of the deal :)

I literally picked these at random. I would love to put loads more in but im sure it would bore a lot of people with loads of pictures and images.

Happy Days Ladies X


  1. i love your shoesss!!! and i must try out that ben and jerrys!

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  2. Great photos!! I also love donnie darko!! Such a creative and neat movie! :]

  3. omg i do the same thing!! i have so many pics saved its crazy! this is a great idea for a blog post! my fav picture...the dark with red lips <3 xo-ablakehk