Monday, 27 June 2011


I could spent... literally... hours in Boots and Superdrug looking at all the make up! (drives the boyf crazy, but meh - who cares?!) I ALWAYSSS buy when they have the offers on, especially nail polish.
However, there are some products I will always remain faithful too & constantly re-purchase.
These are the beautys:

Now they are a bit muddled up and not in a particular order but I think you get the picture :-) I wont list all of them because Im sure all you lovely ladies know what pretty much ALL of them are! I will go through a few though...

Obviously - The NAKED Palette, who hasnt heard of this? I adore this. I think most do. Its the only palette I take with me anywhere I go. Weekends away, nights at the boyfriends, holidays etc. Its perfect, the lasses at Urban Decay really got that one right!
Sigma brushes have been my best beauty investment so far. I bought the 12 set in the stand up case, and its amazing. I am in love with them and I look after them pretty well. I wash them sort of every other week with Tesco baby shampoo, its only 17p!
MAC studio fix and Revlon colour stay foundation are my fundamentals. I have very oily skin, but it seems to only be on my cheeks. Hmmm :/. I do wish someone would explain the whole NW and NC though as it does confuse me. I have the NW in 25 but I think its a bit red/pink on my face. I still love it for when I have a bit of tan/fake tan :-) and Revlon, well... Its true love.
I also have some cheap foundations just for chill out days when I cant be bothered to fake tan, so I just have them in some light colours. They are the maybelline matte mouuse and the Rimmel Stay Matte.
Now - there are A LOT of ELF products that I love, but there are some that are my absolute favs! The high definition powder is very helpful for when ive no tan and my foundation is a bit too dark, I just put a bit of tinted moisturiser (ELF) and then a bit of that on top. I dont wear it when im tanned. Its a bit to pale! The primer is fabulous! I havent tried many primers, but I love this one! I cant say much more about that really!
I do buy a few single eyeshadows, but only in quite strong colours. (You cant say as my camera settings have somehow decided to become black) But the MUA eyeshadow is a gorgeous lime green and the 17 is a lovely trio of golds and oranges. I also have a limited edition MAC tartan eyeshadow palette which has some lovely basics.
I LOVE LIPSTICKS! My lord... I love them. But these are my fav colours so far this year... Maybelline colour sensation in colours  842-Rosewood Pearl, which is a gorgeous nude. And 416-Coral Fever which a lovely bright orange. I also constantly re-purchase NYX Lip Smacking fun colour in Orange Soda. Lovely with green shadow and peach cheeks.
For the past pretty much 4 years I have always used the Bourjois Volume clubbing mascara as I just felt the brush got my lashes a lot better than others I had tried. Although I have been turned! To Maybelline OneByOne volume express. I bought this mainly because I loved the colour of the tube! haha!
I generally buy any sort of black kohl eyeliner but ive been using NYX milk Jumbo eyeliner as it just opens my eyes a lot more and looks very flattering in the Summer.
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - LOVELOVELOVE. All I have to say. LOVE IT! I also adore Sleek Face Contour Kit, but I think I need to get the lighter shade as the medium is a bit dark for me.
For blush ive been using Estee Lauder Deluxe all over face compact as it has three different shades of blush and its lovely for different skin tones.
Lip Smacker in Coca Cola! Primark can through out some beauties at their till points. I love this!

I hope that was an enjoyably little insight into my fav beauty goodies. There are loadssssss id love to try.

Chanel pro lumiere foundation.
Laura Mercier primer & tinted moisturiser.
Sleek face compact.
MUFE smoky lash mascara.
MAC Angel lipstick.
MAC ladyblush blusher.

Are any of these worth the purchase?


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