Sunday, 3 July 2011

Feeling Fit!

So down in the dumps has passed! I spent a lottttt of time on the internet! Bonus to this = I found my perfect dress. Bargain from Mango for £39!

Its a wrap around maxi dress in snake print. I am obsessed with animals and animal print of anything. I even had a ring on that was a wrap around snake. I am a little sad.
I wore it to a friends engagement party and the attention I got for it really lifted my spirits. Although, I went out thinking I looked one way, then looked on the pictures and I looked completely different - I hate that!

Ive also realised that I NEED to diet. All that time I was bedridden, I have clearly overeaten. My arms seem to be 298483 times bigger than they were 2 months ago! Any tips on how to do this?

Heres a few piccies in the beaut :)

And with little cutie Tab :)

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  1. Hii Chantell! You are soo pretty! I was wondering if you could follow and check out my blog. Its about fashion and beauty! :) thanks!