Saturday, 9 July 2011

Day 1.

Im going to give this 30 Day Challenge a go... so...

1. A photo of you taken today.

I gave up on the glasses, as they were costing me a fortune to keep replacing! The amount of times I sat on them, broke them, etc... Wasnt worth it. Ive settled on contacts. Theyre my exact colour blue, but they make me look a tad different? :/.... Hmmm. I will see how they do :-)



  1. wow you are stunning! I should get my hands on some reading glasses but knowing me theyl be broken ever so soon, so that i dont even bother.

  2. Lovely! <3 How is your challenge going? I'm a glasses person so I have to have them on all day.

    I'm also giving you the best blog award! Check it out here

    Much Love <3

  3. I'm always losing my glasses! I love the look of your jumper!

  4. you have such a mysterious glance *.*
    i'm keeping my eye on your blog :D
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